Czerny's International Auction House

Czerny's International Auction House are highly specialised auctioneers of Fine Antique Arms & Armour and Important Asian Antiques.

The Company, founded by Michael Czerny and associates in 1999, is nowadays one of the most respected and important auction houses in Europe with thousands of lots described, photographed and sold in the last years, and representatives in Germany, Belgium, Russian Federation, Eastern Europe and USA.

Based in Sarzana, Italy, since the beginning, Czerny's International Auction House has recently inaugurated the new wing of its premises: a brand new auction room, new offices and a fully equipped photographic studio.

Feel free to visit them to estimate your single pieces, or entire collections, from Monday to Friday (from 9.30 to 12.30 and from 14.30 to 17.30) in their premises located in Piazza Vittorio Veneto 13-19 in Sarzana, La Spezia. Otherwise, contact their local agents or drop an email to

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A schiavona
dating: 17th Century provenance: Venice Wide, flat, double-edged blade, featuring remains of brass marks at the forte. Typical, iron basket hilt with twisted quillon and ring for the thumb; brass pommel shaped as a cat's head. Wooden grip covered with metallic wire binding (a small defect). In patina, to be cleaned. dimensions: length 93 cm. Czerny's International Auction House
A navy officer's sabre
A navy officer's sabre dating: circa 1900 Slightly curved, single -and false-edged blade with rounded back, engraved with imperial eagle and anchor surmounted by a crown, on the forte the manufacturer's mark "FRANZ THILL WIEN"; fine, brass hilt richly pierced with imperial eagle, mermaids with anchor and floral motifs, long cap with the effigy of Poseidon and the trident; grip with fish skin covering and brass wire binding. Wooden scabbard with brass mounts decorated with bas-relieved anchors and floral motifs. Complete with sword-knot. Czerny's International Auction House
A double-barrelled flintlock gun by Renette
A double-barrelled flintlock gun by Renette dating: early 19th Century provenance: Paris Smooth, round, blued, 15 mm cal. barrels with recessed rib signed "ALB: RENETTE A PARIS" between effigy of arrows, at the base the crowned stamp "AB" (Stöckel nr. 921), with golden frames at the edges, foresight with golden arrow; sighed tang engraved with rays and floral motifs; both flintlocks signed "ALB.T RENETTE", provided with anti-friction and sealing systems, engraved with trophies and frame; wooden half stock with checkered neck, iron mounts featuring Empire style engravings. Brass-tipped wooden ramrod with brass and iron cartridge extractor. For Albert Renette see "Der Neue Stöckel", Vol. II, pag. 1028. Albert Henry Marie Renette is documented from 1809 to 1838, he also used to sign his work as "Arquebusier du Roi". dimensions: length 117 cm. Czerny's International Auction House
A lot of two kris hilts
A lot of two kris hilts Of finely carved and pierced bone. dating: circa 1900 dimensions: height 10 cm. provenance: Madura Island Czerny's International Auction House
A lot of spurs
dating: 19th Century provenance: Argentina, Of big dimensions. A pair in iron, with star-rowel, pierced neck and heel bands with geometrical decorations, Northern region. One single, of similar shape, in iron, with big, pierced rosette. Another with similar decorations of smaller dimensions. Finally a pair of similar shape but in brass, from Entre Rios region. length 19 / 21 / 23 / 26 cm. Czerny's International Auction House
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Czerny's International Auction House
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