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Beaux Auctions

Beaux Auctions operates from Miami, Florida and they sell fine art, jewelry, antiques and collectibles. Every item has been carefully researched, examined and judged by their specialists because, as they say: ”we deeply value the trust our consignors and buyers place in us.”
They often offer rare and one-of-a-kind pieces that you probably never will see in an auction twice. Beaux Auctions oneline format makes it possible for them to reach international buyers and special collectors. Their auctions attracts buyers from all over the world. Beaux Auctions motto is communication, honesty and dedication to client satisfaction.

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Das teuerste Kunstwerk, das mit der Titanic unterging

Hier ist die Geschichte hinter "La Circassienne au Bain", ein Gemälde, das im frühen 19. Jahrhundert vom französischen Salonmaler Merry-Joseph Blondel ausgeführt wurde und im April 1912 gemeinsam mit der Titanic im Nordatlantik unterging.