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Founded in 1978 by Kenneth G. Heffel, Heffel is a canadian auction house specializing in national fine art. Combining hard work with a big interest for canadian art, Kenneth G. Heffel quickly developed a good reputation in the canadian art business. At the beginning, the company was named Kenneth G. Heffel Fine Art Inc. Soon, Heffel opened up a gallery in Vancouver, and begun to build relations with customers and art dealers, slowly working the Heffel name up to the top of the canadian art world. When Heffel Fine Art Auction House was established in 1995, they became the first western canadian auction house to achieve more than one million canadian dollars in sales. Today, Heffel is the leading canadian auction house for fine art.

For the past 15 years, customers have had the possibility to participate in well-appreciated online auctions at Heffel's website. At the online auctions, Heffel aim to combine the excitement that always can be found in an auction room with the efficiency of Internet. Online auctions are held monthly. Live auctions are held at the company premises twice per year.