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Exceptional BCD Code Walther G43 Semi-Automatic Rifle and German WWII

Exceptional BCD Code Walther G43 Semi-Automatic Rifle and German WWII Boot Knife German WWII "bcd" Code (Gustloff Werke) G43 semi-automatic rifle. The rifle has a 10-round, detachable, magazine, black phosphate finish and laminated hardwood stock with russet leather sling. The left side of the rear sight base is marked with the manufacturer's code, the serial number and the model number ("bcd/4565/G43") followed by an "Eagle/Swastika" proof mark. The serial number "5465" is stamped on the bolt below the handle and on the underside of the stock mid-way between the pistol grip and the aluminum, cupped, buttplate. A small "Eagle/WaA44" Army acceptance mark is stamped on the top of the receiver and two large "Eagle/WaAA749" acceptance marks are stamped on the left side of the butt. The magazine has a black painted finish with a phosphate follower; the lower left side is marked with the maker's code "aye" followed by a "Eagle/WaAB43" acceptance stamp, a "+" and "K43". There is a 'duffle bag cut' on the forward portion of the stock. Accompanying the rifle is a WWII German boot knife. The knife has a bright, 6 1/2-inch spear point blade, steel guard and two piece beech wood handle secured by three steel rivets. The knife is complete with a black enamel scabbard with a belt clip. The only marking on the knife is a "Stick Eagle/6" inspection mark stamped on obverse ricasso.

  • 2008-09-07

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