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1927 Babe Ruth and Brother Matthias (St. Mary's School For Boys) Dual Signed Baseball

  • USA
  • 2007-06-05
1927 Babe Ruth and Brother Matthias (St. Mary's School For Boys) Dual Signed Baseball, To appreciate the significance of this dual signed baseball, one must consider the impact that one person’s compassion and support can have in an otherwise loveless life of an orphaned child. The relationship between Babe Ruth, the man whose baseball talent and charisma elevated him to level of celebrity greater than any other figure of his generation, and a Catholic missionary named Brother Matthias, one of the Xaverian brothers at St. Mary's School for Boys, began when Ruth was placed in his care at the age of seven. During his 12 years at St. Mary's, young George rarely saw his family. They did not come to visit on holidays or on the one Sunday per month when family could visit the boys at the school. Little George was an unruly student, infamously classified as "incorrigible." Much of this was due the young man's inability to adapt to the regimented and structured environment at St. Mary's. Estrangement from his parents led George, Jr. to find a father figure in Brother Matthias, the Prefect of Discipline at St. Mary's school. Brother Matthias would have a very positive influence on George's life, despite his reputation for unruliness. Brother Matthias, a very large, muscular man, became an inspiration to George in baseball as well as in other aspects of his life. The time spent with Brother Matthias not only helped hone George's swing, but the guidance and encouragement gave him much needed support that would translate into George's great affection toward children in later years. Throughout Ruth’s life he often expressed his love for Brother Matthias and gratitude for the guidance and care that ultimately allowed him to become the greatest baseball player who ever lived. That the lives of these two intersected more than a century ago still has meaning today when one considers Babe Ruth’s stature as an American cultural icon. It is extraordinary that a ball signed only by this pair is just now surfacing. In addition, this is an official AL (Barnard) ball dating from the historic 1927 season in which Ruth reached the top of the baseball world, leading the Yankees to their finest Championship season and clouting a record 60 home runs. Ruth’s bold signature (7/10) adorns the sweet spot, with his mentor Brother Matthias (5-6/10) occupying a side panel. The ball presents very well with moderate soiling and handling wear. All things considered, it is hard to imagine a greater symbol of Ruth’s road to glory, his humble beginnings, and the man who nurtured the roots of his greatness. LOAs from PSA/DNA and JSA.

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