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Each year, TAJAN organizes over sixty live auctions in many specialties as well as our prestigious yearly sales in Monte-Carlo, offering unique opportunities to art lovers.
The exceptional quality of artworks shown, the record prices, the number of valuations conducted in France and abroad, and our ever-expanding international clientele place Tajan in a leading position within the auction market.

Notwithstanding our increasingly international outlook and standards with respect to operations and clientele, we distinguish ourselves from our competitors by providing a highly personalized service, giving great attention to detail and remaining faithful to our tradition as a French auction house.
We are also proud to defend and strengthen the Paris art market through high level cultural and thematic events connecting the major representatives of the global market: artists, collectors, art dealers, journalists and museum curators.

TAJAN is an auction house that holds at least one sale per week in one of over twenty specialties. Our expertise enables us to organize sales of entire collections as well as thematic sales.
Our experienced in-house specialists and consultants are at your service to offer you their expertise and advise you in many specialties: Impressionist and Modern Art, Contemporary Art, 20th Century Decorative Arts and Design, Old Master Paintings, 17th to 19th century Furniture and Decorative Arts, Jewels and Watches, Asian Art, Islamic Art, Antiquities, Wine and Spirits, Comic art and books, Prints, Books and Manuscripts, Weapons, etc.
TAJAN is also well-known for being the first auction house to have organized specialized sales of Comic strips, Russian Art, Weapons and Memorabilia, and Wine.


TAJAN representatives throughout France
We are well represented throughout France, with representatives in Bordeaux, Lyon, Nice and Reims. Last year, we also held valuation days in over thirty cities across France, offering free and confidential estimates with no obligation to consign.
We also hold valuation days in Monaco, Geneva, Brussels, Zurich, Milano, Roma, Madrid, Lisboa, Copenhagen, etc.


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Moderne und Zeitgenössische Kunst geben sich die Ehre bei Tajan

Am Ende dieses Jahres stehen bei Tajan nicht weniger als sechs Auktionen zu den unterschiedlichsten Bereichen auf dem Programm. Wir wollen uns heute auf die ersten beiden dieses Auktionsmarathons konzentrieren: Moderne und Zeitgenössische Kunst am 5. und 6. Dezember.


Die Rückkehr der Alten Meister

Einige Auktionsergebnisse des letzten Jahres haben uns daran erinnert, dass es sich lohnt in alte Exzellenz zu investieren. Werke Alter Meister nahmen bis vor Kurzem eher die billigeren Plätze des Auktionsmarktes ein. Jetzt scheint sich das Blatt jedoch zu wenden.